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The environment, Nature and beauty from a Scottish perspective.

Knowledge is power......but beyond that I don't have a particular agenda to push here. I don't necessarily have answers to the questions our environment is demanding of us.....but I do have the desire to get more people talking about environmental issues even if we don't all see eye to eye.

Problems are unlikely to be addressed let alone resolved unless folk know what is going on around them. And to that end, information & debate are ultimately better than ignorance or sticking our heads in the sand.

PLUS....it's a beautiful, awe-inspiring and sometimes terrifying planet. Put some time aside to marvel at it.

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    Formerly eager optimist, presently gloomy pessimist, I’m afraid. The planet will survive us/the Anthropocene, of course, as it has survived other great extinction pulses. But that’s about the best I can say

    Writer Robert Macfarlane, in response to a question in Scotland Outdoors as to whether he is optimistic or pessimistic about the environment and our chances of avoiding catastrophe.

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