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Problems are unlikely to be addressed let alone resolved unless folk know what is going on around them. And to that end, information & debate are ultimately better than ignorance or sticking our heads in the sand.

PLUS....it's a beautiful, awe-inspiring and sometimes terrifying planet. Put some time aside to marvel at it.

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    Lois Lane arrested. Superman busy dealing with earthquakes

    Lois Lane arrested

    It’s not often I get to plunder celebrity gossip for my stories…..but here you go.  Canadian actress Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the classic Superman films (well….the first TWO were classic at any rate), has been arrested during a peaceful protest in front of the White House.

    Alas, Superman wasn’t there to save her.  We can only assume he was busy dealing with earthquakes around the United States.

    Anyway, she and her fellow demonstrators were in Washington DC as part of a two-week sit-in at the gates of Obama’s fancy mansion, appealing to him not to approve the Keystone pipeline extension.

    If approved, the Keystone will transport oil from Alberta in Canada all the way through the US to the Gulf of Mexico.  Canada’s ‘tar sands’ in Alberta could rise or fall on the decision, which is why the Canadian government has been on a hyperactive lobbying frenzy in Europe to try and stop the EU from banning their oil from the continent.  If Europe decides to tag Canada’s oil as being especially dirty, there’s a chance the US could follow suit…..which has scared Ottawa rigid.

    Approval of the pipeline is expected to exacerbate the destruction already seen in Canada’s boreal forest.  There is a great deal at stake here, which is why Tar Sands Action organised the fortnight of protests.  Not even earthquakes will stop them!

    See previous blog entries about Canada’s tar sands and the Keystone Pipeline.

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     Source torontosun.com