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Knowledge is power......but beyond that I don't have a particular agenda to push here. I don't necessarily have answers to the questions our environment is demanding of us.....but I do have the desire to get more people talking about environmental issues even if we don't all see eye to eye.

Problems are unlikely to be addressed let alone resolved unless folk know what is going on around them. And to that end, information & debate are ultimately better than ignorance or sticking our heads in the sand.

PLUS....it's a beautiful, awe-inspiring and sometimes terrifying planet. Put some time aside to marvel at it.

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    Daryl Hannah arrested at White House oil protest

    Daryl Hannah arrested

    Yep, she of Bladerunner, Kill Bill and Wall St fame was arrested this week after she refused to move from the pavement in front of the White House.

    Daryl Hannah was arrested along with many other protesters as part of a two-week sit-in to protest against the Keystone Pipeline, currently undergoing an environmental impact study and which Obama will have to approve or reject in the coming months.

    The pipeline will carry oil from the controversial ‘tar sands’ in Alberta, Canada all the way down through the United States and on to the Gulf of Mexico.  Its planned course through Nebraska will take it through the eastern side of the Ogallala aquifer, an immense underground watersource that straddles eight states and provides water for millions of Americans.  As you can imagine, many people living in the central third of the United States are understandably nervous about the effects an oil spill would have on their drinking and irrigation source.

    Such fears are bad enough but are perhaps eclipsed by the scale of destruction currently underway in order to extract this oil from Canada’s pristine boreal forest.

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    Photograph: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

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     Source Guardian